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Pediatric Podiatry: When To Take Your Child To The Podiatrist

Like adults, children can experience a myriad of different health issues when it comes to their feet. However, it can often be challenging to identify the difference between standard growing pains and a problem that requires further medical expertise, which can make it very challenging for parents to know when a visit to a pediatric podiatry specialist such as Dr. Jeremy Thomas might be necessary.

To assist parents, we have sought to detail a few signs and behaviors you may want to keep an eye out for.

If you do notice any of the following, then a visit to Triangle Foot & Ankle Specialists is likely to be a wise choice.

  • Your child complains of discomfort – In most cases, if your child informs you that both or either of their feet is painful, a visit to a podiatrist is well-recommended. In particular, be cautious of any foot pain that your child frequently mentions, no matter what activities they have been engaging in or which pair of shoes they have been wearing – chronic foot pain, with no apparent cause, should always elicit further investigation.
  • Your child seems to avoid running, walking, or standing – Often, children who are experiencing foot pain will not necessarily inform their parents of this – but their behavior can often be a giveaway. If your child tends to avoid active pursuits such as running or walking or seems to prefer to sit rather than stand, then this could be a sign of an underlying issue.
  • Your child’s gait seems disordered – While most children will “toddle” during their early years of walking, after this initial stage, your child should settle into a natural gait that looks comfortable and natural as they walk. If you notice that your child appears to walk on tiptoes, has flat feet, or that their toes turn in while walking, it is well worth visiting a podiatrist for further advice.
  • Your child has bowed legs or knock knees – Both bowed legs and knock knees can be problematic for a growing child, so seeking medical advice can be useful if you notice your child has developed these concerns.
  • Your child does not appear comfortable while standing – In particular, be cautious of your child shifting from one foot to the other when standing in place; while this is often just simple fidgeting, a continual pattern of similar behavior warrants further investigation.
  • Your child complains of sore legs – If your child is experiencing an undiagnosed podiatry problem, then it is more likely that they will experience sore legs or fatigue. If your child frequently mentions that their legs are sore, or too tired to walk, then this is a concern that merits further investigation.
  • Your child sustains an injury to their feet or lower legs – Most children will, at some point in their childhood, sustain relatively minor strains, sprains, twisted ankles, and other lower limb injuries. In order to ensure that these issues remain minor, and heal correctly, visiting a podiatrist for further guidance is generally advised.

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If you believe your child needs to see a podiatrist, then Triangle Foot & Ankle Specialists are here to help. As a board-certified podiatrist with years of experience in pediatric podiatry, Dr. Jeremy Thomas is well-accustomed to providing foot care services to young children. Your child can benefit from his years of expertise in the treatment and management of foot-related conditions. To find out more, or arrange an appointment, please contact Triangle Foot & Ankle Specialists today by calling (919) 851-3435 or by visiting us online and filling out our contact form.

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